Larsen Digital Analyzes the 10 Influential Moments in Photography

The staff at Larsen Digital can definitely be accused of being just a little bit obsessed with the history of photography and all things vintage. Larsen Digital has spent over 20 years bringing vintage photos into the digital age. Larsen Digital breaks down the 10 most influential moments in Photography.

10 Influential Moments in Photography

Imagine a world where there are no selfies.  No photos.  No cameras.  The blessing of photography and capturing moments has altered the world forever.  For the better.  With over 20 years in the photo scanning business, Larsen Digital has identified 10 of the most influential moments in photography. 

First Photo, Chronophotography,  Photography is possible for anyone, , Life in Color, Subtractive color photography,  Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture, The beginning of Digital Photos, First Digital Camera, Throw It Away & Take a Selfie. Learn more about each moment.

Photography has altered the way people live life, and the way people look back on life.  Because of the art of photography, everyone can remember the best moments of their lives in actual detail. 

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